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Decapod Taxonomic Literature

Current holdings: 11284 references (4192 certified) and 5136 fulltext PDF files (153390 pages).

This is a database of systematic literature on the Decapoda, compiled by the Assembling the Tree of Life: Decapoda project. You can search references online, or download the entire library as an Endnote-compatible reference library. In many cases, we are able to make the full text of the papers available as PDF files. The online reference search gives information on PDF availability.

More information is available on how we process the references and full text papers.



The reference database can be searched in a variety of ways.

Endnote Library

You can download the entire AToL Decapod reference database as an Endnote library.

New Scans

The most recently installed full text PDF files are listed here.

ReCite Tool

You are welcome to use the ReCite web-based tool we developed to help reformat textual reference lists into database format.



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