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New or Modified Less Than Six Months Ago

13 April 2017

 Benvenuti, D., G. Messana, and M. Schotte (2000) On a new species of Oxinasphaera (Isopoda, Sphaeromatidae) from Somali and Yemeni coasts, Western Indian Ocean. Crustaceana 73: 407–415. PDF is 344kB

21 December 2016

 Vandel, A. (1965) Sur l’existence d’Oniscoïdes très primitifs menant une vie aquatique et sur le polyphylétism des isopodes terrestres. Annales de Spéléologie 20(4): 489–518. PDF is 8.3MB

New or Modified Less Than A Year Ago

12 November 2016

 Bouvier, E.-L. (1922) Observations complémentaires sur les Crustacés décapodes (Abstraction faite les Carides) provenant des Campagnes de S. A. S. le Prince de Monaco. Résultats des Campagnes Scientifiques Accompliés sur son Yacht par Albert 1er, Prince Souverain de Monaco 62: 1–106, Plates 1–6. PDF is 6.5MB

11 October 2016

 Barnard, K.H. (1950) Descriptive catalogue of South African decapod Crustacea (crabs and shrimps). Annals of the South African Museum 38: 1–837. PDF is 48MB (also available in 4 parts)

11 October 2016

 Barnard, K.H. (1950) Descriptive list of South African stomatopod Crustacea (mantis shrimps). Annals of the South African Museum 38: 838–864. PDF is 1.7MB

11 October 2016

 Lewinsohn, C. (1969) Die Anomuren des Roten Meeres (Crustacea Decapoda: Paguridea, Galatheidea, Hippidea). Zoologische Verhandelingen, Leiden 104: 3–213,, Plates 1–2. PDF is 13MB

28 August 2016

 Kim, I.-H., E. Cruz-Rivera, M-.E.-D. Sherif, and S. El-Sahhar (2016) Cyclopoid copepods (Ascidicolidae, Notodelphyidae) associated with Phallusia nigra Savigny, 1816 (Ascidiacea) in the Red Sea: A new ascidicolid and first descriptions of the males from two notodelphyids. Journal of Crustacean Biology 36(4): 553-566. PDF is 8.5MB

28 August 2016

 Paul, A.Z. and R.J. Menzies (1971) Sub-tidal isopods of the Fosa de Cariaco, Venezuela, with descriptions of two new genera and twelve new species. Boletín del Instituto Oceanografico, Universidad de Oriente 10(1): 29–48. PDF is 12MB

21 June 2016

 Wooster, D.S. (1979) The shallow-water hermit crabs of the Mariana Islands (Decapoda, Paguridea: Coenobitidae, Diogenidae, Paguridae). Biology. Advisor: Eldredge, L.G.. Degree: M.S. Guam: University of Guam. 180 pp. PDF is 6.0MB

7 June 2016

 Gurjanova, E.F. (1946) New species of Isopoda and Amphipoda from the Arctic Ocean. In: Compendium of results of Drifting Expedition of Ice-breaker “Cedov” 1937-1940. Vol. 3. Moscow: Chief Office of Northroad. PDF is 5.8MB

3 June 2016

 Wolff, T. (1975) Deep-sea Isopoda from the Caribbean Sea and the Puerto-Rico Trench. Trudy Instituta Okeaonogiya, Akademiya Nauk SSSR, Moscow 100: 215–232. PDF is 2.6MB

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