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Current holdings: 11284 references (4192 certified) and 5136 fulltext PDF files (153390 pages).

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If your browser supports Javascript, searches here are “live” (they happen immediately after you type).

Use Reference Search to search across authors, titles, abstracts, reference numbers, etc. Searches here search only bibliographic information — not document contents. Search terms are automatically extended and searches are case insensitive (searching for “martin” will retrieve records containing “Martin” and “Martinson”).

Use Detailed Search for more specific searches: use the field selectors to pick fields to search, then begin typing into the search field(s).

Under Search Restrictions, you can check off one or more taxonomic groups to restrict the search to those groups. If no boxes are checked, all references will be searched. This database is heavily skewed towards Decapoda and Isopoda.

If a search would return too many results, they will be suppressed. Try refining your search with more fields or longer search strings. Clicking the Search button will retrieve all matching references, no matter how many.

If a PDF for the reference is available, a PDF icon will precede the reference. Click the icon to retrieve the PDF. You can also view a low-resolution version of the PDF pages by clicking [View Pages] at the end of the reference.

Retrieving references for bibliographies

If you would like the entire reference list, download the Endnote library directly. This option is strongly recommended, as it permits updating of your references as we update our database (details are on the download page).

You can retrieve the results of a search in an XML format that can be imported into an Endnote reference database. To do so: after you have done a search, check the Fetch as Endnote XML option, then click Search again.

More information

If you are interested, there is more information on the sources and processing of PDF files. We are also grateful to the research community for contributions, detailed on our database contribution summary page.

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