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 Milne Edwards, H. (1853) Observations sur les affinites zoologiques & la cIassification naturelle des Crustaces. Annales des Sciences Naturelles, 3e série 20: 163–228.


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2009-07-08 N. Dean Pentcheff For consistency, use short journal title and simplify series information
2009-06-16 N. Dean Pentcheff It must be “Observations”, not “Obeservations” (but not confirmed against original).
2009-06-16 N. Dean Pentcheff By taxonomic convention, making all H. Milne(-?)Edwards into “H. Milne Edwards” regardless of original typography.
2009-06-10 N. Dean Pentcheff Fixed journal title for consistent orthography

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Reference ID 28176
Reference type journalarticle
Authors Milne Edwards, H.
Publication Year (for display) 1853
Publication Year (for sorting) 1853
Title Observations sur les affinites zoologiques & la cIassification naturelle des Crustaces
Secondary Title Annales des Sciences Naturelles, 3e série
Secondary Authors  
Tertiary Title  
Tertiary Authors  
Volume 20
Pages 163–228
Place published  
Remarks Bibliographic information may be incorrect. There’s another paper that overlaps with this (Milne Edwards, H. 1853. Mémoire sur la famille des Ocypodides. Suite (1). Deuxiéme Tribu Principale.). There may have been different printings of the journal which could explain it. Here is the note from the other paper on these pages:
Note from Sammy De Grave 30 Jun 2009:
We have one page from “Mémoire sur la famille des Ocypodides. Suite (1)” which has page “173” at the upper right hand corner. The layout of this page is exactly the same as the copy of “Annales des Science Naturelles” (which I downloaded from Google Books) from which pages 163–228 were extracted. However, the corresponding page from this is 213. As such, there appears to be more than one printing of this Journal and/or paper. Additionally, there seem to several publishers cited for the “Annales”, which seems to bear out this theory.
For the genera Dilocarcinus and Sylviocarcinus, reference is made to “Milne Edwards, Arch. du Muséum, t. VII” which Swee Hee and I have viewed and found that this reference appeared in 1854. As such, the 1853 paper should take precedence.
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