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 Wicksten, M.K. and M.E. Hendrickx (1992) Checklist of penaeoid and caridean shrimps (Decapoda: Penaeoidea, Caridea) from the Eastern Tropical Atlantic. Proceedings of the San Diego Society of Natural History 9: 1–11. PDF is 3.9MB


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Reference ID 26765
Reference type journalarticle
Authors Wicksten, M.K.
Hendrickx, M.E.
Publication Year (for display) 1992
Publication Year (for sorting) 1992
Title Checklist of penaeoid and caridean shrimps (Decapoda: Penaeoidea, Caridea) from the Eastern Tropical Atlantic
Secondary Title Proceedings of the San Diego Society of Natural History
Secondary Authors  
Tertiary Title  
Tertiary Authors  
Volume 9
Pages 1–11
Place published  
Keywords Aristeus Benthesicymus Hemipenaeus Metapenaeopsis Parapenaeopsis Penaeus Trachypenaeus Xiphopenaeus Sicyonia Haliporoides Haliporus Hymenopenaeus Solenocera Alpheopsis Alpheopsis cortesiana Alpheus Alpheus aequus Alpheus antepaenultimus Alpheus armillatus Alpheus bellimanus Alpheus bouvieri Alpheus canalis Alpheus chilensis Alpheus colombiensis Alpheus cristulifrons Alpheus cylindricus Alpheus distinctus Alpheus exilis Alpheus fasciatus Alpheus felgenhaueri Alpheus firmus Alpheus floridanus Alpheus galapagensis Alpheus grahami Alpheus hamus Alpheus hebes Alpheus heterochaelis Alpheus hoonsooi Alpheus hyeyoungae Alpheus inca Alpheus latus Alpheus leviusculus Alpheus longiquus Alpheus lottini Alpheus malleator Alpheus martini Alpheus mazatlanicus Alpheus normanni Alpheus pacificus Alpheus panamensis Alpheus paracrinitus Alpheus rectus Alpheus rostratus Alpheus saxidomus Alpheus schmitti Alpheus scopulus Alpheus spinicaudatus Alpheus splendidus Alpheus sulcatus Alpheus tenuis Alpheus umbo Alpheus utriensis Alpheus villus Alpheus websteri Alpheus wickstenae Automate Automate dolichognatha Automate rugosa Betaeus Betaeus longidactylus Leptalpheus Leptalpheus mexicanus Metalpheus Metalpheus rostratipes Neoalpheopsis Neoalpheopsis euryone Pomagnathus Pomagnathus corallinus Salmoneus Salmoneus ortmanni Salmoneus serratidigitus Synalpheus Synalpheus apioceros sanjosei Synalpheus arostris Synalpheus bannerorum Synalpheus biunguiculatus Synalpheus charon Synalpheus digueti Synalpheus fritzmuelleri Synalpheus goodei occidentalis Synalpheus lockingtoni Synalpheus nobili Synalpheus paulsonoides Synalpheus recessus Synalpheus sanlucasi Synalpheus spinifrons Synalpheus superus Synalpheus townsendi mexicanus Synalpheus townsendi peruvianus Synalpheus herricki Alvinocaris Alvinocaris lusca Discias Discias serrifer Encantada Encantada spinoculata Mesocrangon Mesocrangon munitella Metacrangon Metacrangon procax Neocrangon Neocrangon zacae Paracrangon Paracrangon areolata Philocheras Philocheras lapillus Pontophilus Pontophilus gracilis occidentalis Sclerocrangon Sclerocrangon atrox Glyphocrangon Glyphocrangon alata Glyphocrangon loricata Glyphocrangon sicaria Glyphocrangon spinulosa Glyphocrangon vicaria Gnathophylloides Gnathophylloides mineri Gnathophyllum Gnathophyllum panamense Hymenocera Hymenocera picta Eualus Eualus lineatus Heptacarpus Heptacarpus palpator Heptacarpus yaldwyni Hippolyte Hippolyte californiensis Hippolyte williamsi Hippolyte zostericola Latreutes Latreutes antiborealis Lebbeus Lebbeus vicinus montereyensis Lebbeus washingtonianus Lysmata Lysmata californica Lysmata galapagensis Lysmata intermedia Lysmata trisetacea Thor Thor algicola Thor amboinensis Thor spinosus Trachycaris Trachycaris restricta Nematocarcinus Nematocarcinus agassizii Nematocarcinus ensifer Ogyrides Ogyrides alphaerostris Ogyrides tarazonai Allopontonia Allopontonia iaini Brachycarpus Brachycarpus biunguiculatus Chacella Chacella kerstitchi Chacella tricornuta Cryphiops Cryphiops caementarius Fennera Fennera chacei Harpiliopsis Harpiliopsis depressa Leander Leander paulensis Macrobrachium Macrobrachium acanthochirus Macrobrachium americanus Macrobrachium cocoense Macrobrachium crebrum Macrobrachium digitus Macrobrachium digueti Macrobrachium gallus Macrobrachium hancocki Macrobrachium inca Macrobrachium occidentale Macrobrachium panamense Macrobrachium rathbunae Macrobrachium tenellum Macrobrachium transandicum Neopontonides Neopontonides dentiger Palaemon Palaemon gladiator Palaemon gracilis Palaemon hancocki Palaemon peruanus Palaemon ritteri Palaemonella Palaemonella holmesi Palaemonella assymetrica Palaemonetes Palaemonetes hiltoni Palaemonetes schmitti Periclimenaeus Periclimenaeus hancocki Periclimenaeus pacificus Periclimenaeus spinosus Periclimenes infraspinis Periclimenes lucasi Periclimenes soror Periclimenes veleronis Pontonia Pontonia chimaera Pontonia longispina Pontonia margarita Pontonia pinnae Ascidonia pusilla Pontonia simplex Pontonides Pontonides sympathes Pseudocoutierea Pseudocoutierea elegans Typton Typton crosslandi Typton hephaestus Typton serratus Typton tortugae Veleronia Veleronia laevifrons Veleronia serratifrons Waldola Waldola schmitti Heterocarpus Heterocarpus affinis Heterocarpus hostilis Heterocarpus vicarius Pandalopsis Pandalopsis ampla Pantomus Pantomus affinis Plesionika Plesionika beebei Plesionika carinirostris Plesionika mexicana Plesionika trispinus Leptochela Leptochela serratorbita
Remarks notes: more than 255 keywords; Families Processidae and Rhynchocinetidae in part two
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