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 Kemp, S. (1925) Notes on Crustacea Decapoda in the Indian Museum. XVII. On various Caridea. Records of the Indian Museum 27: 249–342.


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Reference ID 25903
Reference type journalarticle
Authors Kemp, S.
Publication Year (for display) 1925
Publication Year (for sorting) 1925
Title Notes on Crustacea Decapoda in the Indian Museum. XVII. On various Caridea
Secondary Title Records of the Indian Museum
Secondary Authors  
Tertiary Title  
Tertiary Authors  
Volume 27
Pages 249–342
Place published  
Keywords Anchistioides Anchistioides compressus Anchistus Anchistus pectinis Brachycarpus Brachycarpus biunguiculatus Chlorocurtis Chlorocurtis jactans Chlorotocella Chlorotocella gracilis Chlorotocoides Chlorotocoides spinicauda Cinetorhynchus hendersoni Gelastocaris Gelastocaris paronae Harpiliopsis beaupresii Harpiliopsis depressa Hippolyte Hippolyte commensalis Leander Leander tenuicornis Leptochela Leptochela sydniensis Leptochela gracilis Leptochela pugnax Leptochela robusta Merguia Merguia oligodon Neostylodactylus amarynthis Palaemon belindae Palaemon debilis Palaemon pacificus Palaemon semmelinkii Palaemon serrifer Palaemon sewelli Palaemonetes Palaemonetes hornelli Paralatreutes Paralatreutes bicornis Periclimenes Periclimenes amymone Periclimenes audouini Laomenes ceratophthalmus Periclimenes impar Periclimenes natalensis Periclimenes signatus Philocheras Philocheras angustirostris Philocheras parvirostris Phycocaris Phycocaris simulans Plesionika Plesionika persica Procletes Procletes levicarina Rhynchocinetes Stylodactylus Stylodactylus investigatoris Stylopandalus richardi Thalassocaris Thalassocaris crinita Thalassocaris lucida Thor Thor discosomatis
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