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 Holthuis, L.B. (1951) The caridean Crustacea of tropical West Africa. Atlantide Report 2: 1–187. PDF is 32MB (also available in 3 parts)


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Reference ID 25761
Reference type journalarticle
Authors Holthuis, L.B.
Publication Year (for display) 1951
Publication Year (for sorting) 1951
Title The caridean Crustacea of tropical West Africa
Secondary Title Atlantide Report
Secondary Authors  
Tertiary Title  
Tertiary Authors  
Volume 2
Pages 1–187
Place published  
Keywords Pasiphaea Pasiphaea semispinosa Parapasiphae Parapasiphae sulcatifrons Psathyrocaris Psathyrocaris infirma Caridinopsis Caridinopsis chevalieri Caridina Caridina africana Caridina gabonensis Caridina indistincta Caridina nilotica Caridina spencebatei Atya Atya africana Atya intermedia Atya scabra Atya gabonensis Atyoida Atyoida serrata Acanthephyra Acanthephyra brevirostris Acanthephyra kingsleyi Acanthephyra acanthitelsonis Acanthephyra acutifrons Acanthephyra stylorostratis Meningodora Notostomus Meningodora vesca Notostomus gibbosus Notostomus elegans Ephyrina Ephyrina bifida Hymenodora Hymenodora glacialis Systellaspis Systellaspis braueri Systellaspis debilis Systellaspis cristata Nematocarcinus Nematocarcinus cursor Nematocarcinus exilis Discias Discias atlanticus Processa Processa canaliculata Processa intermedia Processa borboronica Processa parva Pandalina Pandalina profunda Plesionika Plesionika martia Plesionika ensis Plesionika carinata Plesionika acanthonotus Plesionika heterocarpus Plesionika narval Alpheus Alpheus macrocheles Alpheus platydactylus Alpheus dentipes Alpheus tuberculosus Alpheus malleator Alpheus rugimanus Alpheus macrochirus Alpheus paracrinitus Alpheus talismani Alpheus floridanus africanus Alpheus bouvieri Alpheus edwardsii Alpheus pontederiae Alpheus intrinsecus Synalpheus Synalpheus parfaiti Synalpheus senegambiensis Synalpheus neptunus Potamalpheops Potamalpheops haugi Potamalpheops monodi Alpheopsis Alpheopsis trispinosus Salmoneus Salmoneus jarli Athanas Athanas nitescens Athanas nouvelae Athanas grimaldii Athanas amazone Automate Automate talismani Automate evermanni Ogyrides Ogyrides rarispina Ogyrides occidentalis Merhippolyte Merhippolyte agulhasensis Eualus Eualus lebourae Thoralus Thoralus cranchii Hippolyte Hippolyte coerulescens Hippolyte longirostris Hippolyte sp. Trachycaris Trachycaris restricta Latreutes Latreutes fucorum Latreutes parvulus Bythocaris Bythocaris cosmetops Lysmata Lysmata moorei Exhippolysmata Exhippolysmata hastatoides Desmocaris Desmocaris trispinosa Palaemon Palaemon serratus Palaemon elegans Palaemon maculatus Palaemon hastatus Palaemonetes Palaemonetes africanus Brachycarpus Brachycarpus biunguiculatus Macrobrachium Macrobrachium macrobrachion Macrobrachium sollaudii Macrobrachium foai Macrobrachium lujae Macrobrachium dux Macrobrachium raridens Macrobrachium chevalieri Macrobrachium felicinum Macrobrachium zariquieyi Macrobrachium vollenhoveni Palaemonella Palaemonella atlantica Periclimenes Periclimenes scriptus Periclimenes platalea Pontonia Pontonia pinnophylax Ascidonia flavomaculata Balssia Balssia gasti Typton Typton spongicola Pontocaris Aegaeon cataphractus Aegaeon lacazei Pontophilus Pontophilus gracilis abyssi Philocheras Philocheras bidens Philocheras sculptus Philocheras wolffi
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