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 Estampador, E.P. (1959) Revised check list of Philippine crustacean decapods. Natural and Applied Science Bulletin 17(1): 1–127. PDF is 4.7MB


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PDF contributorAssembling the Tree of Life: Decapoda
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Reference ID 25441
Reference type journalarticle
Authors Estampador, E.P.
Publication Year (for display) 1959
Publication Year (for sorting) 1959
Title Revised check list of Philippine crustacean decapods
Secondary Title Natural and Applied Science Bulletin
Secondary Authors  
Tertiary Title  
Tertiary Authors  
Volume 17
Issue 1
Pages 1–127
Place published  
Keywords Pontophilus Pontophilus gracilis Pontophilus junceus Philocheras Philocheras japonicus Parapontophilus gracilis abyssi Processa Processa australiensis Processa sp. Alpheus Alpheus spiniger Alpheus crinitus Alpheus biunguiculatus Alpheus edwardsii leviusculus Alpheus acutofemoratus Alpheus parvirostris Alpheus collumianus Alpheus malleodigitus Alpheus malleodigitus gracilicarpus Alpheus consobrinus Alpheus frontalis Alpheus coutieri Alpheus pareuchirus Alpheus strenuus Synalpheus Synalpheus fossor propiqua Synalpheus carinatus ubianensis Synalpheus pescadorensis Ogyrides Ogyrides sibogae Parathanas Parathanas immaturus Parathanas decorticus Latreutes Latreutes planus Latreutes unidentatus Heterocarpus Heterocarpus gibbosus Heterocarpus dorsalis Heterocarpus ensifer Heterocarpus parvispina Dorodotes Dorodotes reflexus Plesionika Plesionika semilaevis Plesionika ocellus Nothocaris Nothocaris ocellus Kyptocaris Kyptocaris stylofrontalis Thalassocaris Thalassocaris crinita Atyopsis Atyopsis moluccensis Atyoida Atyoida serrata Caridina Caridina gracillima Caridina gracilirostris Caridina brachydactyla Caridina modigliani Caridina brevicarpalis endehensis Caridina laevis Caricyphus Anebocaris Acanthephyra Heterogenys microphthalma Acanthephyra media Acanthephyra acutifrons Acanthephyra eximia Acanthephyra rostrata Oplophorus Oplophorus typus Nematopalaemon Nematopalaemon tenuipes Palaemon Palaemon semmelinkii Palaemon concinnus Macrobrachium Macrobrachium rosenbergii Macrobrachium idae Macrobrachium mammillodactylus Macrobrachium lanceifrons lancifrons Macrobrachium equidens Macrobrachium lar Macrobrachium latimanus Macrobrachium latidactylus Macrobrachium hirtimanus Macrobrachium cowlesi Palaemonella Palaemonella rotumana Palaemonella tenuipes Vir Vir orientalis Periclimenes Periclimenes soror Periclimenes seychellensis Periclimenaeus Periclimenaeus tridentatus Onycocaris Onycocaridella stenolepis Anchistioides Anchistioides willeyi Nematocarcinus Nematocarcinus altus Nematocarcinus undulatipes Nematocarcinus tenuirostris Nematocarcinus productus Notostomus Notostomus elegans Notostomus gibbosus Hymenodora Hymenodora glauca Stylodactylus Stylodactylus sibogae Pasiphaea Pasiphaea propinqua Pasiphaea sp. Leptochela robusta Oodeopus Hectarthopus Sestertius Zoontocaris
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