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 Bruce, A.J. (1984) Marine caridean shrimps of the Seychelles. In: Biogeography and ecology of the Seychelles Islands. The Hague: Dr W. Junk Publishers. Pp. 141–169. PDF is 5.1MB


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2009-11-30 Regina Wetzer Corrected authorship per email from AJ Bruce: deleted “Stoddard, D. R.”

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Reference ID 25005
Reference type booksection
Authors Bruce, A.J.
Publication Year (for display) 1984
Publication Year (for sorting) 1984
Title Marine caridean shrimps of the Seychelles
Secondary Title Biogeography and ecology of the Seychelles Islands
Secondary Authors  
Tertiary Title  
Tertiary Authors  
Pages 141–169
Place published The Hague
Published Dr W. Junk Publishers
Keywords Leander Leander tenuicornis Palaemon Palaemon concinnus Palaemon debilis Leptochela Leptochela irrobusta Palaemonella Palaemonella tenuipes Palaemonella rotumana Vir Vir orientalis Periclimenes Periclimenes lutescens Periclimenes elegans Periclimenes ensifrons Periclimenes grandis Periclimenes tenuipes Periclimenes brevicarpalis Periclimenes spiniferus Periclimenes longirostris Periclimenes soror Laomenes ceratophthalmus Periclimenes compressus Periclimenes seychellensis Periclimenes diversipes Periclimenes inornatus Periclimenes tosaensis Periclimenes imperator Periclimenes zanzibaricus Periclimenes holthuisi Periclimenes mahei Periclimenes hirsutus Periclimenes pholeter Periclimenes difficilis Stegopontonia commensalis Periclimenaeus Stegopontonia Periclimenaeus hecate Periclimenaeus rhodope Periclimenaeus robustus Paraclimenaeus fimbriatus Periclimenaeus manihinei Onycocaris Onycocaris seychellensis Anchistus Anchistus miersi Anchistus demani Platypontonia Platypontonia brevirostris Conchodytes Conchodytes biunguiculatus Conchodytes tridacnae Conchodytes meleagrinae Philarius Philarius gerlachei Ischnopontonia Ischnopontonia lophos Fennera Fennera chacei Metapontonia Metapontonia fungiacola Platycaris Platycaris latirostris Paratypton Paratypton siebenrocki Harpiliopsis Harpiliopsis beaupresii Harpiliopsis depressa Harpiliopsis spinigera Jocaste Jocaste japonica Jocaste lucina Coralliocaris Coralliocaris macrophthalma Coralliocaris graminea Coralliocaris superba Coralliocaris nudirostris Coralliocaris venusta Coralliocaris viridis Propontonia Propontonia pellucida Hymenocera Hymenocera picta Gnathophyllum Gnathophyllum americanum Gnathophylloides Gnathophylloides mineri Athanas Athanas indicus Alpheopsis Alpheopsis aequalis Aretopsis Aretopsis amabilis Alpheopsis idiocarpus Metalpheus Metalpheus paragracilis Prionalpheus Prionalpheus fissipes Synalpheus Synalpheus charon Synalpheus coutierei Synalpheus merospiniger Synalpheus neomeris Synalpheus neptunus Synalpheus nilandensis Synalpheus otiosus Synalpheus pachymerus Synalpheus paraneomeris Synalpheus streptodactylus Alpheus Alpheus alcyone Alpheus amirantei Alpheus bradypus Alpheus bucephalus Alpheus coetivensis Alpheus collumianus Alpheus dasycheles Alpheus diadema Alpheus edwardsii Alpheus frontalis Alpheus gracilis Alpheus hailstonei Alpheus hippothoe Alpheus leviusculus Alpheus lanceloti Alpheus leptochirus Alpheus lobidens Alpheus longecarinatus Alpheus lottini Alpheus malleodigitus Alpheus microstylus Alpheus obesomanus Alpheus pachychirus Alpheus paradentipes Alpheus paralcyone Alpheus parvirostris Alpheus providencei Alpheus rapax Alpheus seurati Alpheus splendidus Alpheus spongiarum Alpheus stanleyi Alpheus strenuus Alpheus sulcatus Alpheus superciliaris Racilius Racilius compressus Saron Saron marmoratus Saron neglectus Ligur Ligur uveae Tozeuma Tozeuma armatum Thor Thor amboinensis Thor spinosus Lysmata Lysmata dentata Lysmata vittata Nikoides Nikoides gurneyi Nikoides maldivensis Nikoides sibogae Processa Processa processa Processa australiensis Hayashidonus japonicus Heterocarpus Heterocarpus unicarinatus Thalassocaris Thalassocaris crinita ecology
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