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 Bruce, A.J. (2003) The Pontoniine shrimp fauna of Hong Kong and the South China Sea (Crustacea: Decapoda: Palaemonidae). In: Perspectives on Marine Environment Change in Hong Kong and Southern China, 1977–2001. Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press. Pp. 209–257.


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2009-11-30 Regina Wetzer corrected authorship per email from AJ Bruce: removed Morton, B.
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Reference ID 24999
Reference type booksection
Authors Bruce, A.J.
Publication Year (for display) 2003
Publication Year (for sorting) 2003
Title The Pontoniine shrimp fauna of Hong Kong and the South China Sea (Crustacea: Decapoda: Palaemonidae)
Secondary Title Perspectives on Marine Environment Change in Hong Kong and Southern China, 1977–2001
Secondary Authors  
Tertiary Title  
Tertiary Authors  
Pages 209–257
Place published Hong Kong
Published Hong Kong University Press
Keywords alis Vir orie Anapontonia denticauda Anchistus australis Anchistus custoides Anchistus custos Anchistus demani Anchistus miersi athe Periclimenes rectir bans Periclimenes platy chei Platycaris latir Chernocaris placunae Conchodytes biunguiculatus Conchodytes meleagrinae Conchodytes monodactylus Conchodytes nipponensis Conchodytes tridacnae Coralliocaris brevirostris Coralliocaris graminea Coralliocaris superba Coralliocaris taiwanensis Coralliocaris venusta Coralliocaris viridis Dactylonia okai Dasycaris symbiotes Dasycaris zanzibarica eles Manipontonia ps Epipontonia hainanensis Eupontonia noctalbata Exoclimenella denticulata Hamodactylus boschmai Hamopontonia corallicola Harpiliopsis beaupresii Harpiliopsis depressa idus Periclimenes pert iger Stegopontonia comme ipes Brucecaris Ischnopontonia lophos Jocaste japonica Jocaste lucina Mesopontonia gorgoniophila nesi Periclimenes perl nodi Pontonides u nsis Periclimenes nsis Periclimenes si nsis Periclimenes tos nsis Periclimenes ve nuis Periclimenes tol Onycocaridites anomodactylus Onycocaris aualitica Onycocaris oligodentata oror Periclimenes te Palaemonella pottsi Palaemonella rotumana Palaemonella tenuipes Paraclimenes franklinae Paraclimenes gorgonicola Paranchistus spondylis Periclimenaeus arabicus Periclimenaeus hecate Periclimenaeus minutus Periclimenaeus rastrifer Periclimenaeus rhodope Periclimenaeus spinicauda Periclimenaeus stylirostris Periclimenaeus tridentatus Periclimenella spinifera Periclimenes affinis Periclimenes akiensis Periclimenes albatrossae Periclimenes alcocki Laomenes amboinensis Periclimenes amymone Periclimenes andamanensis Periclimenes brevicarpalis Periclimenes commensalis Periclimenes consobrinus Periclimenes coriolis Periclimenes cristimanus Periclimenes demani Periclimenes digitalis Periclimenes diversipes Periclimenes elegans Periclimenes ensifrons Periclimenes exederens Periclimenes foresti Periclimenes foveolatus Periclimenes grandis Periclimenes holthuisi Periclimenes hongkongensis Periclimenes imperator Periclimenes incertus Periclimenes indicus Periclimenes inornatus Periclimenes investigatoris Periclimenes involens Periclimenes johnsoni Periclimenes kempi Periclimenes kororensis Periclimenes laccadivensis Periclimenes lanipes Periclimenes latipollex Periclimenes longirostris Periclimenes lutescens Periclimenes magnificus Periclimenes nilandensis Periclimenes ornatus Periclimenes paraparvus Periclimenes parvus stus Periclimenoides odontoda tris Periclimenes seychel tris Plesiopontonia ylus Philarius ger
Reference Contributor Tag sdegrave
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