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 Bruce, A.J. (1974) A synopsis of the pontoniinid shrimp fauna of central East Africa. Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India 16(2): 462–490. PDF is 5.4MB


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Reference ID 24812
Reference type journalarticle
Authors Bruce, A.J.
Publication Year (for display) 1974
Publication Year (for sorting) 1974
Title A synopsis of the pontoniinid shrimp fauna of central East Africa
Secondary Title Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India
Secondary Authors  
Tertiary Title  
Tertiary Authors  
Volume 16
Issue 2
Pages 462–490
Place published  
Keywords Allopontonia Allopontonia iaini Anapontonia Anapontonia denticauda Anchistioides Anchistioides compressus Anchistioides willeyi Anchistus Anchistus custos Anchistus demani Anchistus miersi Anchistus pectinis Conchodytes Conchodytes biunguiculatus Conchodytes meleagrinae Conchodytes tridacnae Coralliocaris Coralliocaris graminea Coralliocaris nudirostris Coralliocaris superba Coralliocaris venusta Coralliocaris viridis Coralliocaris sp. Dasycaris Dasycaris ceratops Epipontonia Epipontonia spongicola Fennera Fennera chacei Hamodactylus Hamodactylus boschmai Hamodactylus noumeae Hamodactyloides Hamodactyloides incompletus Harpiliopsis Harpiliopsis beaupresii Harpiliopsis depressa Harpiliopsis spinigera Ischnopontonia Ischnopontonia lophos Jocaste Jocaste japonica Jocaste lucina Metapontonia Metapontonia fungiacola Onycocaris Onycocaris amakusensis Onycocaris callyspongiae Onycocaris seychellensis Onycocaris zanzibarica Palaemonella Palaemonella crosnieri Palaemonella lata Palaemonella pottsi Palaemonella pusillus Palaemonella rotumana Palaemonella spinulata Paranchistus Paranchistus ornatus Paratypton Paratypton siebenrocki Periclimenaeus Periclimenaeus ardeae Periclimenaeus arabicus Periclimenaeus bidentatus Periclimenaeus djiboutensis Paraclimenaeus fimbriatus Periclimenaeus hebedactylus Periclimenaeus hecate Periclimenaeus leptodactylus Periclimenaeus minutus Periclimenaeus quadridentatus Periclimenaeus robustus Periclimenaeus rhodope Periclimenaeus trispinosus Climeniperaeus Climeniperaeus truncoideus Periclimenaeus tuamotae Periclimenaeus uropodialis Periclimenaeus usitatus Periclimenaeus zanzibaricus Periclimenes Periclimenes brevicarpalis Laomenes ceratophthalmus Periclimenes commensalis Periclimenes consobrinus Periclimenes diversipes Periclimenes elegans Periclimenes ensifrons Periclimenes galene Periclimenes gonioporae Periclimenes grandis Periclimenes hirsutus Periclimenes holthuisi Periclimenes imperator Periclimenes incertus Periclimenes inornatus Periclimenes jugalis Periclimenes kempi Periclimenes lanipes Periclimenes latipollex Periclimenes lepidus Periclimenes longirostris Periclimenes lutescens Periclimenes mahei Periclimenes nilandensis Periclimenes obscurus Periclimenes petitthouarsii Manipontonia psamathe Periclimenes seychellensis Periclimenes soror Periclimenes spiniferus Periclimenes tenuipes Brucecaris tenuis Periclimenes toloensis Periclimenes ungujaensis Periclimenes watamuae Philarius Philarius gerlachei Philarius imperialis Platycaris Platycaris latirostris Pliopontonia Pliopontonia furtiva Pontonia Dactylonia anachoreta Odontonia katoi Dactylonia okai Rostronia stylirostris Pontonides Pontonides maldivensis Pontonides unciger Pontonides sp. Pontoniopsis Pontoniopsis comanthi Propontonia Propontonia pellucida Stegopontonia Stegopontonia commensalis Tectopontonia Tectopontonia maziwiae Thaumastocaris Thaumastocaris streptopus Tuleariocaris Tuleariocaris holthuisi Typton Typton bawii Typton wasini Vir Vir orientalis Zenopontonia noverca Zenopontonia Orthopontonia Orthopontonia ornata
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