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 Sakai, K. (2006) Upogebiidae of the world (Decapoda, Thalassinidea). Crustaceana Monographs. Fransen, C.H.J.M. and J.C. von Vaupel Klein (eds.) Vol. 6. Leiden: Brill. 186 pp. PDF is 12MB


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Reference ID 21981
Reference type book
Authors Sakai, K.
Publication Year (for display) 2006
Publication Year (for sorting) 2006
Title Upogebiidae of the world (Decapoda, Thalassinidea)
Secondary Title Crustaceana Monographs
Secondary Authors Fransen, C.H.J.M.
von Vaupel Klein, J.C.
Tertiary Title  
Tertiary Authors  
Volume 6
Pages 186
Place published Leiden
Published Brill
Keywords thalassinidea acutigebia aethogebia arabigebicula east atlantic east pacific gebicula keys genera keys subfamily keys species indo-west pacific mantisgebia mediterranean neogebiculinae neogebicula genus species pacific paragebicula pomatogebia tuerkayogebia upogebia upogebiinae upogebiidae west atlantic wolffogebia taxonomy
Reference Contributor Tag gpoore
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