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 Kingsley, J.S. (1883) Carcinological notes; number V. Bulletin of the Essex Institute 14 [for 1882](7–12): 105–132. URL: http://www.archive.org/details/bulletinofessexi14esse PDF is 1.9MB


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2009-02-09 N. Dean Pentcheff Viewed paper/PDF original
Appears to be published in 1883, despite this being the 1882 issue of the journal.
2007-08-09 Sammy De Grave Viewed paper/PDF original

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Reference ID 18196
Reference type journalarticle
Authors Kingsley, J.S.
Publication Year (for display) 1883
Publication Year (for sorting) 1883
Title Carcinological notes; number V
Secondary Title Bulletin of the Essex Institute
Secondary Authors  
Tertiary Title  
Tertiary Authors  
Volume 14 [for 1882]
Issue 7–12
Pages 105–132
Place published  
URL http://www.archive.org/details/bulletinofessexi14esse
Keywords thalassinidea taxonomy Alpheus Alpheus acutofemoratus Alpheus aequimanus Alpheus affinis Alpheus alope Alpheus australis Alpheus bellimanus Alpheus bidens Alpheus bisincisus Alpheus brevipes Alpheus brevirostris Alpheus candei Alpheus chiragricus Alpheus clamator Alpheus collumianus Alpheus comatularum Alpheus costae Alpheus crassimanus Alpheus crinitus Alpheus cylindricus Alpheus dentipes Alpheus diadema Alpheus digitalis Alpheus doto Alpheus edwardsii Alpheus emarginatus Alpheus equidactylus Alpheus euchirus Alpheus fasciatus Alpheus floridanus Alpheus forceps Alpheus frontalis Alpheus galathea Alpheus gracilipes Alpheus gracilis Alpheus harfordi Alpheus heterochaelis Alpheus insignis Alpheus japonicus Alpheus jordainii Alpheus kimgsleyi Alpheus laevigatus Alpheus laevimanus Alpheus latiforns Alpheus lineifer Alpheus lobidens Alpheus longidactylus Alpheus lottini Alpheus malabaricus Alpheus malleator Alpheus megacheles Alpheus minor Alpheus minus Alpheus mitis Alpheus monoceros Alpheus neptunus Alpheus normanni Alpheus novaezealandiae Alpheus obesomanus Alpheus pachychirus Alpheus pacificus Alpheus packardii Alpheus panamensis Alpheus paracrinitus Alpheus parvimanus Alpheus parvirostris Alpheus poeyi Alpheus pugnax Alpheus rapax Alpheus rouxi Alpheus ruber Alpheus savignyi Alpheus scabrodigitus Alpheus sculptimanus Alpheus simus Alpheus sinuosus Alpheus socialis Alpheus spinicaudus Alpheus spinifrons Alpheus spiniger Alpheus strenuus Alpheus streptochirus Alpheus sulcatus Alpheus tenuimanus Alpheus thetis Alpheus tricuspidatus Alpheus trispinosus Alpheus triton Alpheus truncatus Alpheus ventricosus Alpheus villosus Anchistia Anchistia americana Argis Argis alaskensis Caridina Caridina africana Crangon Crangon crangon Crangon salebrosus Crangon tenuifrons Hippolysmata Hippolysmata intermedia Hippolysmata wurdemanni Hippolyte Hippolyte prionota Leander Leander hammondi Macrobrachium acanthurus Palaemon Palaemon africanus Palaemon grandimanus Palaemon jamaicensis Palaemon longimanus Palaemon ohionis Palaemon sinensis Penaeus Philocheras Philocheras intermedius Xiphocaris
Remarks Appears to be published in 1883, despite this being the 1882 issue of the journal.
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