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 Kensley, B., H.A. Tranter, and D.J.G. Griffin (1987) Deepwater decapod Crustacea from eastern Australia (Penaeidea and Caridea). Records of the Australian Museum 39: 263–331. PDF is 26MB (also available in 2 parts)


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Reference ID 18131
Reference type journalarticle
Authors Kensley, B.
Tranter, H.A.
Griffin, D.J.G.
Publication Year (for display) 1987
Publication Year (for sorting) 1987
Title Deepwater decapod Crustacea from eastern Australia (Penaeidea and Caridea)
Secondary Title Records of the Australian Museum
Secondary Authors  
Tertiary Title  
Tertiary Authors  
Volume 39
Pages 263–331
Place published  
Keywords acanthephyra aristaeomorpha aristeidae aristeus australia benthesicymidae benthesicymus biogeography campylonotidae campylonotus chlorotocus crangonidae eugonatonotidae eupasiphae eygonotonotus funchalia gennadus glyphocrangon glyphocrangonidae haliporoides heterocarpus hippolytidae hymenopenaeus janicella lebbeus lipkius meningodora merhippolyte nematocarcinidae nematocarcinus notostomus oplophoridae oplophorus pandalidae parapasiphaea parapenaeus parastylodactylus pasiphaea pasiphaeidae penaeidae penaeidea penaeopsis penaeus physetocarididae physetocaris plesionika plesiopenaeus pontocaris rhynchocinetidae solenocera solenoceridae stylodactylidae stylodactylus stylopandalus systellaspis Haliporoides Hymenopenaeus Solenocera Benthesicymus Gennadas Aristaeomorpha Aristeus Plesiopenaeus Funchalia Parapenaeus Penaeus Penaeopsis Acanthephyra Acanthephyra acutifrons Acanthephyra curtirostris Acanthephyra pelagica Acanthephyra quadrispinosa Acanthephyra smithi Janicella Janicella spinicauda Meningodora Meningodora vesca Notostomus Notostomus crosnieri Notostomus elegans Notostomus gibbosus Oplophorus Oplophorus novaezeelandiae Oplophorus spinosus Systellaspis Systellaspis debilis Nematocarcinus Nematocarcinus gracilis Nematocarcinus undulatipes Parastylodactylus Parastylodactylus sp. Stylodactylus Stylodactylus libratus Stylodactylus multidentatus Eupasiphae Eupasiphae gilesii Parapasiphae Parapasiphae sulcatifrons Pasiphaea Pasiphaea berentsae Pasiphaea kapala Pasiphaea longitaenia Eugonatonotus Eugonatonotus crassus Lipkius Lipkius holthuisi Campylonotus Campylonotus rathbunae Lebbeus Lebbeus yaldwyni Merhippolyte Merhippolyte chacei Chlorotocus Chlorotocus novaezealandiae Heterocarpus Heterocarpus sibogae Heterocarpus woodmasoni Plesionika Plesionika alcocki Plesionika bifurca Plesionika edwardsii Plesionika grahami Plesionika martia Plesionika reflexa Plesionika spinipes Stylopandalus Stylopandalus richardi Physetocaris Physetocaris microphthalma Glyphocrangon Glyphocrangon assimilis Glyphocrangon holthuisi Glyphocrangon lowryi Glyphocrangon novacastellum Aegaeon lacazei Pontocaris Aegaeon rathbuni
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