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 Man, J.G. de (1902) Die von Herrn Professor Kükenthal im Indischen Archipel gesammelten Dekapoden und Stomatopoden. Abhandlungen der Senckenbergischen Naturforschenden Gesellschaft 25: 467–929, Plates XIX–XXVII. PDF is 2.5MB


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PDF quality
Text completeness:1/3 Mostly incomplete
Plate completeness:1/3 Mostly incomplete
Text scan quality:3/5 All readable, but not clear enough to guarantee excellent OCR
Plate/figure quality:3/5 Well-scanned, but not full resolution; color lost
(Completeness refers to presence of entire pages in the document, not whether some pages are partially visible.)
PDF contributorGalatheid Workshop 2007 (Gary Poore)
PDF comments709-730, plates XXIII-XXV present. Both text and plate are faded.

Certification information

2007-08-09 Sammy De Grave Viewed paper/PDF original

Reference change log

2009-11-20 N. Dean Pentcheff Restored plate/figure numbers based on original format
2009-08-11 N. Dean Pentcheff Plate numbers changed to Arabic from Roman
2009-07-07 N. Dean Pentcheff Rearrange author's name to "Man, J.G. de" based on comments from Grave, de
2009-07-04 N. Dean Pentcheff Repaired page count and added plates
2009-06-18 N. Dean Pentcheff Capitalize “de” in author name
2008-10-31 N. Dean Pentcheff Lowercase “de Man” based on original
2007-09-17 Regina Wetzer Transferred certification and contributor from record 25355

Reference record internal details

Reference ID 15359
Reference type journalarticle
Authors Man, J.G. de
Publication Year (for display) 1902
Publication Year (for sorting) 1902
Title Die von Herrn Professor Kükenthal im Indischen Archipel gesammelten Dekapoden und Stomatopoden
Secondary Title Abhandlungen der Senckenbergischen Naturforschenden Gesellschaft
Secondary Authors  
Tertiary Title  
Tertiary Authors  
Volume 25
Pages 467–929
Place published  
Keywords thalassinidea taxonomy india-ocean Alpheus Alpheus acutofemoratus Alpheus alcyone Alpheus brevirostris Alpheus crassimanus Alpheus gracilipes Alpheus insignis Alpheus laevis Alpheus latifrons Alpheus macrochirus Alpheus malleodigitus Alpheus pachychirus Alpheus parvirostris Alpheus sp. Atyoida Atyoida pilipes Atyopsis Atyopsis moluccensis Caridina Caridina nilotica minahassae Caridina serratirostris Chlorotocoides spinicauda Chlorotocus Coralliocaris Coralliocaris graminea Gnathophyllum Gnathophyllum fasciolatum Hymenocera Hymenocera elegans Jocaste lucina Leander Leander pacificus Leptochela Leptochela robusta Lysmata ternatensis Macrobrachium Macrobrachium australe Macrobrachium carcinus Macrobrachium clymene Macrobrachium dispar Macrobrachium idae Macrobrachium lar Macrobrachium latidactylus Macrobrachium latimanus Macrobrachium oenone Macrobrachium sintangense Macrobrachium sp. Merhippolyte Merhippolyte orientalis Palaemon Palaemon concinnus Palaemon debilis Penaeus Periclimenella Periclimenella spinifera Periclimenes Periclimenes amymone Periclimenes brevicarpalis Periclimenes consobrinus Periclimenes ensifrons Manipontonia psamathe Periclimenes sp. Saron Saron gibberosus Saron neglectus Stylodactylus Stylodactylus sp. Synalpheus Synalpheus neomeris
Reference Contributor Tag galatheid
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