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 Brandis, D. (2002) On the taxonomic status and biogeography of the Isolapotamidae Bott, 1970 (Decapoda, Brachyura). Journal of Natural History 36: 1291–1339.


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Reference ID 14018
Reference type journalarticle
Authors Brandis, D.
Publication Year (for display) 2002
Publication Year (for sorting) 2002
Title On the taxonomic status and biogeography of the Isolapotamidae Bott, 1970 (Decapoda, Brachyura)
Secondary Title Journal of Natural History
Secondary Authors  
Tertiary Title  
Tertiary Authors  
Volume 36
Pages 1291–1339
Place published  
Recent investigations of Asian freshwater crabs of the superfamily Potamoidea Ortmann, 1896 use the Potamidae Ortmann, 1896 as the only valid family, although three families have been described from South-East Asia: the Potamidae Ortmann, 1896, the Isolapotamidae Bott, 1970 and the Sinopotamidae Bott, 1970. Crabs formerly included in the Isolapotamidae are re-examined based on a new understanding of the morphology and function of the male gonopods. In particular, the morphology of the sperm transfer tube of the second gonopod is studied in detail. At least four types of sperm transfer are recognized representing four different modes of sperm transfer. Each type is morphologically constant for a number of genera. On the basis of these results the taxonomic status of the family Isolapotamidae is reconsidered. A new genus Takpotamon is erected for Potamon maesotense Naiyanetr, 1992 from Thailand, the genera Dromotelphusa Naiyanetr, 1992 and Flabellamon Ng, 1996 are re-characterized and the genus Thaiphusa Ng and Naiyanetr, 1993 is synonymized with Demanietta Bott, 1966. All the morphological results show biogeographical relevance and the resulting distribution patterns reflect the palaeogeographic and palaeoclimatic situation of Sundaland during the Tertiary and Quaternary.
Keywords freshwater crabs gonopod morphology taxonomy biogeography
Reference Contributor Tag gpoore
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