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 Banner, D.M. and A.H. Banner (1985) The alpheid shrimp of Indonesia, based upon J.G. de Man’s “The Decapoda of the Siboga Expedition, Part II, Family Alpheidae.” (1911). Marine Research in Indonesia 25: 1–79. PDF is 14MB


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Reference ID 13324
Reference type journalarticle
Authors Banner, D.M.
Banner, A.H.
Publication Year (for display) 1985
Publication Year (for sorting) 1985
Title The alpheid shrimp of Indonesia, based upon J.G. de Man’s “The Decapoda of the Siboga Expedition, Part II, Family Alpheidae.” (1911)
Secondary Title Marine Research in Indonesia
Secondary Authors  
Tertiary Title  
Tertiary Authors  
Volume 25
Pages 1–79
Place published  
Keywords alpheidae indonesia Alpheopsis Alpheopsis chalciope Alpheopsis aequalis Alpheopsis yaldwyni Alpheopsis sp. Alpheus Alpheus acutocarinatus Alpheus acutofemoratus Alpheus alcyone Alpheus amirantei Alpheus anchistus Alpheus angustodigitus Alpheus architectus Alpheus arethusa Alpheus barbatus Alpheus bicostatus Alpheus bidens Alpheus bisincisus Alpheus bucephalus Alpheus chiragricus Alpheus clypeatus Alpheus collumianus Alpheus compressus Alpheus coutierei Alpheus crockeri Alpheus deuteropus Alpheus diadema Alpheus distinguendus Alpheus djeddensis Alpheus edamensis Alpheus edwardsii Alpheus ehlersii Alpheus euphrosyne Alpheus facetus Alpheus forestii Alpheus frontalis Alpheus funafutensis Alpheus georgei Alpheus gracilipes Alpheus gracilis Alpheus hailstonei Alpheus hippothoe Alpheus lepidus Alpheus leviusculus Alpheus lobidens Alpheus lottini Alpheus mackayi Alpheus macrodactylus Alpheus macroskeles Alpheus maindroni Alpheus malabaricus Alpheus malleodigitus Alpheus microrhynchus Alpheus microstylus Alpheus miersi Alpheus nipa Alpheus obesomanus Alpheus pachychirus Alpheus pacificus Alpheus paracrinitus Alpheus paradentipes Alpheus paralcyone Alpheus pareuchirus Alpheus parvirostris Alpheus parvus Alpheus perplexus Alpheus philocetes Alpheus polyxo Alpheus proseuchirus Alpheus pubescens Alpheus rapacida Alpheus rapax Alpheus savuensis Alpheus serenei Alpheus sibogae Alpheus splendidus Alpheus spongiarum Alpheus stanleyi Alpheus staphylinus Alpheus strenuus Alpheus styliceps Alpheus sulcatus Alpheus tenuicarpus Alpheus tenuipes Aretopsis Aretopsis amabilis Athanas Athanas areteformis Athanas djiboutensis Athanas dorsalis Athanas indicus Athanas jedanensis Athanas minikoensis Athanas stebbingi Athanas anacanthopus Automate Automate dolichognatha Betaeopsis Betaeopsis indicus Metabetaeus Metabetaeus lohena Nennalpheus Nennalpheus sibogae Neoalpheopsis Neoalpheopsis euryone Pterocaris Pterocaris typica Racilius Racilius compressus Salmoneus Salmoneus brevirostris Salmoneus hilarulus Salmoneus serratidigitus Synalpheus Synalpheus amabilis Synalpheus ancistrorhynchus Synalpheus antenor Synalpheus bispinosus Synalpheus bituberculatus Synalpheus carinatus Synalpheus charon Synalpheus coutierei Synalpheus demani Synalpheus fossor Synalpheus gracilirostris Synalpheus hastilicrassus Synalpheus heroni Synalpheus iocosta Synalpheus iphinoe Synalpheus laticeps Synalpheus modestus Synalpheus mortensi Synalpheus neomeris Synalpheus neptunus Synalpheus nilandensis Synalpheus nobili Synalpheus odontophorus Synalpheus paraneomeris Synalpheus paulsoni Synalpheus pescadorensis Synalpheus pococki Synalpheus quadrispinosus Synalpheus quinquedens Synalpheus readi Synalpheus septemspinosa Synalpheus sp. Synalpheus stimpsonii Synalpheus streptodactylus Synalpheus tahi Synalpheus theano Synalpheus tijou Synalpheus triacanthus Synalpheus trispinosus Synalpheus triunguiculatus Synalpheus tumidomanus
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