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 Butler, T.H. (1980) Shrimps of the Pacific coast of Canada. Canadian Bulletins of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 202: 1–280.


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Reference ID 11996
Reference type journalarticle
Authors Butler, T.H.
Publication Year (for display) 1980
Publication Year (for sorting) 1980
Title Shrimps of the Pacific coast of Canada
Secondary Title Canadian Bulletins of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences
Secondary Authors  
Tertiary Title  
Tertiary Authors  
Volume 202
Pages 1–280
Place published  
Keywords Bentheogennema Sergestes Pasiphaea Pasiphaea pacifica Pasiphaea tarda Pasiphaea sulcatifrons Acanthephyra Acanthephyra curtirostris Notostomus Notostomus japonicus Systellaspis Systellaspis braueri Systellaspis cristata Hymenodora Hymenodora frontalis Hymenodora glacialis Paracrangon Paracrangon echinata Argis Argis lar Argis dentata Argis ovifer Argis alaskensis Argis crassa Argis levior Sclerocrangon Sclerocrangon boreas Rhynocrangon Rhynocrangon alata Lissocrangon Lissocrangon stylirostris Crangon Crangon dalli Crangon franciscorum franciscorum Crangon franciscorum angustimana Crangon alba Crangon nigricauda Neocrangon alaskensis Neocrangon Neocrangon communis Neocrangon abyssorum Metacrangon Metacrangon spinosissima Metacrangon variabilis Metacrangon acclivis Metacrangon munita Mesocrangon Mesocrangon munitella Mesocrangon intermedia Pandalopsis Pandalopsis dispar Pandalus Pandalus borealis Pandalus goniurus Pandalus jordani Pandalus tridens Pandalus platyceros Pandalus hypsinotus Pandalus stenolepis Pandalus danae Betaeus Betaeus harrimani Betaeus setosus Hippolyte Hippolyte clarki Spirontocaris Spirontocaris prionota Spirontocaris truncata Spirontocaris holmesi Spirontocaris sica Spirontocaris lamellicornis Spirontocaris snyderi Spirontocaris ochotensis Spirontocaris arcuata Lebbeus Lebbeus grandimana Lebbeus groenlandicus Lebbeus washingtonianus Lebbeus schrenki Lebbeus zebra Eualus Eualus macrophthalmus Eualus barbatus Eualus biunguis Eualus avinus Eualus pusiolus Eualus herdmani Eualus berkeleyorum Eualus townsendi Eualus fabricii Eualus suckleyi Heptacarpus Heptacarpus tenuissimus Heptacarpus carinatus Heptacarpus stylus Heptacarpus decorus Heptacarpus tridens Heptacarpus camtschaticus Heptacarpus kincaidi Heptacarpus littoralis Heptacarpus moseri Heptacarpus sitchensis Heptacarpus paludicola Heptacarpus stimpsoni Heptacarpus brevirostris
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