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 Tudge, C.C., G.C.B. Poore, and R. Lemaitre (2000) Preliminary phylogenetic analysis of generic relationships within the Callianassidae and Ctenochelidae (Decapoda: Thalassinidea: Callianassoidea). Journal of Crustacean Biology 20(Special Issue 2): 129–149. PDF is 6.0MB


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Reference ID 11825
Reference type journalarticle
Authors Tudge, C.C.
Poore, G.C.B.
Lemaitre, R.
Publication Year (for display) 2000
Publication Year (for sorting) 2000
Title Preliminary phylogenetic analysis of generic relationships within the Callianassidae and Ctenochelidae (Decapoda: Thalassinidea: Callianassoidea)
Secondary Title Journal of Crustacean Biology
Secondary Authors  
Tertiary Title  
Tertiary Authors  
Volume 20
Issue Special Issue 2
Pages 129–149
Place published  
A cladistic analysis of a large selection (106 taxa) of mud-shrimps from 26 genera of the families Callianassidae and Ctenochelidae was undertaken using Swofford's PAUP version 3.1.1.Of the 106 taxa, 26 were type species of 20 callianassid and six ctenochelid genera.Callianidea typa, the type species of the Callianideidae, was chosen as the outgroup.Ninety-three somatic morphological characters (13 of which are currently considered uninformative) were scored for the taxa in question.The resulting trees produced some consistent, and interesting, results.These include: 1) a monophyletic Ctenochelidae, with the inclusion of Anacalliax species (Anacalliacinae), considered by some carcinologists as callianassids; 2) a monophyletic Callianassidae; 3) a paraphyletic Callichirinae, with the consistent splitting of species groups from the genera Sergio and Neocallichirus, in particular; 4) a well supported monophyletic clade of callianassines (eight genera) with the exclusion of five Callianassa species; and 5) the subfamily Eucalliacinae (Calliax and Eucalliax) was a monophyletic clade, with the exception of the single species Calliax tooradin
Keywords thalassinidea callianassidae ctenochelidae phylogeny callianassinae cheraminae eucalliacinae callichirinae
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