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 Rathbun, M.J. (1906) The Brachyura and Macrura of the Hawaiian islands. Bulletin of the Bureau of Fisheries 23(3): 827–930, Plates 1–24. PDF is 27MB (also available in 2 parts)


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Reference ID 10727
Reference type journalarticle
Authors Rathbun, M.J.
Publication Year (for display) 1906
Publication Year (for sorting) 1906
Title The Brachyura and Macrura of the Hawaiian islands
Secondary Title Bulletin of the Bureau of Fisheries
Secondary Authors  
Tertiary Title  
Tertiary Authors  
Volume 23
Issue 3
Pages 827–930
Place published  
Keywords thalassinidea thalassinidea taxonomy hawaii Acanthephyra Acanthephyra eximia Aegaeon Aegaeon lacazei Aegaeon orientalis Aristeus Atyoida Atyoida bisulcata Bathypalaemonella Bathypalaemonella pandaloides Benthesicymus Benthonectes Bithynis Bithynis grandimanus Bitias Bitias brevis Coralliocaris Gennadas Gnathophyllum Gnathophyllum americanum Haliporus Harpiliopsis depressa Heterocarpus Heterocarpus alexandri Heterocarpus ensifer Heterocarpus laevigatus Heterocarpus signatus Hippolysmata Hippolysmata acicula Hippolysmata paucidens Hippolyte Hippolyte acuta Janicella Janicella spinicauda Lebbeus profundus Leptochela Leptochela hawaiiensis Lucifer Metapenaeus Nematocarcinus Nematocarcinus ensifer Nematocarcinus gracilis Nematocarcinus tenuirostris Neocaridina Neocaridina brevirostris Oplophorus Oplophorus gracilirostris Palaemon Palaemon debilis Palaemon pacificus Palaemonella Palaemonella laccadivensis Palaemonella orientalis Palaemonella tenuipes Pandalus Pandalus ensis Pandalus martius Pandalus ocellus Pandalus spinidorsalis Pasiphaea Pasiphaea flagellata Pasiphaea kaiwiensis Pasiphaea truncata Penaeus Periclimenaeus quadridentatus Periclimenaeus truncatus Periclimenes Periclimenes pusillus Periclimenes sp. Plesionika exigua Plesionika ocellus Pontophilus Pontophilus gracilis Pontophilus modumanuensis Processa Processa processa Psathyrocaris Psathyrocaris hawaiiensis Rhynchocinetes Rhynchocinetes serratus Sergestes Sicyonia Solenocera Spirontocaris Spirontocaris kauaiensis Spirontocaris marmorata Spongicola Stenopus Stylodactylus Stylodactylus discissipes Systellaspis debilis
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