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Decapod EndNote Libraries

Retrieve Mac OS X version of EndNote library

Retrieve Windows version of EndNote library

The EndNote bibliographic database is a commercial product that is popular among researchers. We provide the contents of the Assembling the Tree of Life: Decapoda taxonomic reference collection as a downloadable library in EndNote format.

The Mac OS X version is a .dmg disk image file. The Windows version is a .zip archive file. In both cases, the entire library is in EndNote Version 9 format (including all .enl and .Data files). This format should work with later versions of EndNote as well.

Special field use

We use a few of the EndNote fields specially:

Updating your copy of the library

In this library, the EndNote reference identification numbers will remain stable between updates. Therefore, if you use this library in word-processing documents, you can simply replace the library with updated versions and your citations will still correctly link up to the proper references.

For this reason, we recommend keeping this library separate from your other EndNote reference libraries and use it in addition to others that you may have (do not combine these records with your own libraries). EndNote will happily allow you to use more than one library simultaneously.

Also, if you find errors in the references (and we know there are some!), please report them back to us so that we can correct the library and release a new version. To send us corrections, just use the online search to find the offending reference, and click the little information circle next to the reference. You will be brought to a page for reporting an error on that reference. Thanks!

EndNote formatting

Formatting taxonomic citations in EndNote can be problematic because most EndNote styles automatically insert parentheses around citations in the text. To work around that, an EndNote style that does not insert parentheses can be defined (hence the author inserts them manually where needed). For convenience, we make available an EndNote stylesheet for the journal Zootaxa (click to retrieve EndNote style, then save this style file in your EndNote program's style directory).

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