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ReCite: Retrieve Parsed References

This page shows all the references that you have entered and edited. See below for more details on actions you can take.

Note: There are currently no references available for you to retrieve. To enter references, click on the Enter More References button.

Actions to take


Fetch All References in Endnote XML

You can choose to:

  • Edit References This will take you back to the editing page, with all the references in the list (or just selected ones if you check some boxes in the reference list).
  • Clear Selected References This will permanently clear and remove any references with checked boxes.
  • Clear ALL References This clears all of the references permanently. Do this only after fetching your references.
  • Enter More References This lets you enter more “raw” references on the submission page. All references listed here will be retained as you enter and edit the new batch.
  • Fetch All References in Endnote XML Fetch all the references in an XML format that can be used as an import to Endnote Version 9 (or, presumably, higher).
    Note to Internet Explorer users: You may need to right-click on the Fetch link and select Save link target as... to save the XML file.

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