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Literature Contributors

Current holdings: 11284 references (4192 certified) and 5136 fulltext PDF files (153390 pages).

To give an idea of where the data have come from, this summary shows all people (or institutions) who have contributed over 50 items or actions. We are extremely grateful to the members of the research community who have contributed to make this repository as useful as it is.

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NameReferencesCertificationsCorrectionsPDFsPDF Ratings
N. Dean Pentcheff11180856071212
Sammy De Grave239422521
Gary Poore34151
Assembling the Tree of Life: Decapoda15183297220
Regina Wetzer6713577911150
Jonathan Sepulveda881844
Smithsonian Institution Crustacea Section Library1806
Galatheid Workshop 2007 (Gary Poore)991748
Jenessa Wall119580
Feldmann & Schweitzer395
Neil Cumberlidge103291
Jody Martin3241
Maria Peltekova1294
NHM Marine Biodiversity Center34231
Jean Pongsai253
Rollin Baker181
Silke Mariano175
Phyllis Sun8381
R.T. Bauer5960
Jenny Callahan100
Rafael Lemaitre76
Lemaitre & Tudge64
NameReferencesCertificationsCorrectionsPDFsPDF Ratings

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